Smoking Caliber's Premium Cannabis

For The Love Of Cannabis.
We believe in the positive, life-transforming potential of cannabis.

Sharing quality cannabis with the world.

This pursuit starts with our deep passion for cultivating premium product and a serious belief that everyone should have access to the good stuff.

Our Story

From roots to weed.

Caliber grew out of a life-long friendship between three kids from Nyack, New York. We Are Christina, Zak and Emiliano, and we’ve always been into weed.

We bonded over it, studied it, experimented with it and used a lot of it. We grew it, harvested it and delivered it.

But we wanted to go bigger, honing our craft, growing our yield and bringing high-quality product to more and more people. So in 2016, we broke ground on The Farm.

Today, we’re proud to be one of the top five cultivators in California and part of a new era for weed.

Christina Dipaci
Co-Founder / CEO

Well versed in the cannabis industry, for 10 years Christina’s leadership launching and managing cultivation and distribution businesses has formed the foundation of Caliber. Her broad experience is applied daily to operating one of the five largest greenhouse farms in California.

Zachary Burnham
Co-Founder / Business Development

As an experienced owner and operator, Zachary’s hands-on experience operating several businesses began with a farm he purchased in the Emerald Triangle in 2010. His approach to building our distributor network and expanding our manufacturing capabilities are integral to driving profitability and top-line growth.

Kevin 2
Kevin Bankovich
Accounting and Finance

A certified CMA with 10+ years of accounting and finance experience at The J.M. Smucker Co., Kevin’s passion for managing mergers and acquisitions is ideal in the cannabis industry. He’s a critical thinker that’s comfortable with ambiguity and thrives on designing and managing new financial and operational processes.

Marie Magdaleno

Marie’s strategic planning, operations and human resources experience play a critical role in delivering Caliber cannabis and quality products on-time. While developing and implementing streamlined processes, she effectively controls costs and nurtures the community by developing leaders and empowering employees.

Kieran Ringgenberg

For more than 15 years, Kieran has represented clients ranging from individual entrepreneurs to several of the world’s most successful and respected businesses. His firm serves companies in the cannabis industry exclusively regarding legal matters as well as navigating the ever-changing and complex licensing process.

Michael Gruber
Private Equity Investor

Michael is the Managing Director at Salveo Capital, an investment firm dedicated to funding and supporting leaders in the evolving high growth cannabis industry. As an advisor, mentor, investor, and speaker he leverages his experience across technology, financial services, agriculture, and energy, all which are crucial within the industry.

Jan A. Rosati, CPA
Tax Accountant

Over 35 years, Jan has been advising a broad range of businesses with tax issues, and in partnership with Ello LLC navigate the complexities of recreational cannabis markets. Prior to joining MGO, Jan was a partner at Deloitte & Touche. His expertise includes tax planning and compliance, and tax representation before federal and state taxing authorities.

Our Products

Quality above all else.

Caliber is more than just a name. It’s our relentless commitment to the craft of growing the best weed we can. It’s our years of growing experience and expertise–part art, part science, part passion. It’s a distinction of excellence and quality, above the rest.

Our farm, spanning across five acres in the fertile Salinas Valley, is where we cultivate more than 40 strains and grow up to 2,000 pounds of flower each month. It’s where 200,000 square feet of greenhouse plants are being harvested, skillfully cured, lovingly hand-trimmed and packaged by our team of weed masters and enthusiasts.

True to our commitment to quality in every part of our process, we also make sure our products are tested and certified by SC Labs, a global leader in cannabis testing.

Our Brands
Caliber's Paradiso Gardens
Caliber's The Weed Brand
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